My Nova as a GTE (1600cc), here at one of my favourite circuits : Cadwell Park.
This is from 1993, where I finished runner up in the 1800cc class against bigger capacity opposition.
Meet "Harry".
My Vauxhall Astra Saloon / Belmont "Thundersaloon". Harry is slightly modified (ahem!). Powered by a 6.7L 700bhp Chevy V8. More details click here

Harry has been a problem child. He's in need of further training, and will be back in the near future!
I've wanted to be here since 2001 when the annouced the series.
Rookie Training didn't happen when I needed it, and eventually, in 2007, I got there! And here's the result.
The Team Air Ambulance Pontiac GrandPrix.
2007 Rookie Champions
My original Nova Sport, here in 1991, my second season of racing
Here we are at Cadwell, scene of one of my 16 wins in the Super Road Saloon Championship beween 1990 and 1991.
1990 saw me in Class D (up to 1300cc) runner-up spot with 6 wins from 7 starts. In 1991, I made 11 starts, winning 10 of them, and taking the championship honours for the now 1400cc class
2008 Rebuild - Click here