About us

Rob Compton Racing

Operating from Sutton, in Bedfordshire, Rob Compton Racing currently has three cars.
The first is our ASCAR which used to run in the SCSA / Mac Tools V8 Trophy, which once upon a time ran exclusively at the Rockingham Motorspeedway, Corby, Northants. The other operational car is our Thundersaloon Vauxhall Belmont - and exciting beast with 700bhp on tap. Our final car is currently mothballed - a Vauxhall Nova GSi modified production saloon, a feisty little 190bhp 1600cc bundle of fun.

People :

Rob Compton - Team Principle & Driver
Suzanne Compton - Team administrator

Team Air Ambulance

This is the operational side of Rob Compton Racing that ran the ASCAR, and will also run the Vauxhall Belmont Thundersaloon. It is an active fundraising operation for the air ambulance charities in England and Wales.

The Crew :

On the spanners: Henry Cutts, with additional support from David Scott, Paul Richardson, Yung Sung, Nick Bradshaw, Jon Mann, Leo Taylor


This is a "Racing for Fun" organisation. Enjoyment is the No.1 priority.
It was formed in 1993 when the then "Dangerous Brothers Racing Team" expanded to include Carl Sawford with his Mk1 Ford Escort RS2000 into the team.

The "Dangerous Brothers Racing Team" was the front for brothers Brian and Rob Compton's racing in the BRSCC Toyo Tyres Super Road Saloon Championship. Rob and Brian both raced Nova's, and were both successful. Rob was runner up in the 1300cc class in his first season, and won it convincingly in 1991 with ten wins from eleven starts.

Between 1990 and 1992, Rob was responsible for most of Team Dangerous' wins. In 1992, it was Brian Compton, and from 1993 onwards, Carl Sawford held the most wins.

The other driving member of the team, Dean Lamberton, only had a brief foray in the Super Road Saloon Championship before he had a big shunt at Castle Combe which virtually destroyed his car. A house and family left Dean with no budget to continue on his own, but he continued in his support role for the team.

Our biggest helper was our "No.1 mechanic" and chief beer drinker - Simon Mason (A different Simon Mason to the one that works as a racing instructor, and is a successful driver in his own right).

Rob continued developing the Nova as a GSi, following the destruction of his original car at the start of the 1995 season. The first race for the GSi saw it leading overall in a wet race at Silverstone.

It proved to be quick, but unreliable against the 1800cc Fiesta opposition.

Rob developed and built his own 1760cc engine, which was fast straight out of the box, setting pole position at Lydden Hill by 0.8sec.

Sadly, this didn't help, as the series co-orinators moved the goalposts, and effectively outlawed 60% of the cars in the championship. Super Road Saloons finally died in 2001.

Rob always wanted a "Thundersaloon", one car in particular - a Vauxhall Belmont, built by Empress Race Developments. His dream was fulfilled when it came up for sale in 2003, and he bought it with the intention of running it in the BARC Formula Saloons championship.

He purchased an engine from Terry Burnett's "Performance Connection" in Knoxville Tennessee, USA.

More information on the Belmont is available here: http://www.teamdangerous.com/index.html